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Giving new colors to Japan, with the power of local residents.

As of the end of 2014, with the establishment of the ”City, People and Works Creation Law”by the Japanese government, the term "regional creation" became commonly known. It is a series of policies aimed at correcting Tokyo’s centralized concentration, stopping the declining population of rural areas, and raising the vitality of the whole of Japan.

Many of the "regional creation strategies" that have been carried out mainly by local governments so far benefit from the policy, like ”Increase in settlement population and employment", "Development and PR for tourism resources", "Urban development and Infrastructure improvement "etc. But the people who live in these areas still haven’t reached the point of "creating a mechanism to participate in their development”.

We believe that “strategies to improve regional attractiveness” are important for “increasing settlement population" and “attracting business and tourists”. However, in this modern era of consumer interest segmentation, with the regular use of internet, it has become more difficult for local governments to transmit their local merits. The need for community participation in local promotion is increasing more than ever.

"Jimoful” was developed as a "regional public relations training SNS service”, where local residents can easily spread information about their areas. Instead of seeing “creation” as renewal, we focus on turning the spotlight on existing resources, increasing the local attractive items, and ways of thinking about local developments.

The theme of our service is: “Together we create a ‘I will go there because of what they have!’ spirit”. Please post attractive videos including regional information.

Board member

[代表取締役] 三枝 明大(さえぐさ あきひろ)

[代表取締役] 三枝 明大 (さえぐさ あきひろ)

Born in Tokyo, 1975. He joined Marvelous AQL (present: Marvelous Inc.) in 2011 after working for publishers (editorial department), internet providers, advertising agencies, etc. As the headquarters’ general executive officer of marketing, he oversees the overall survey analysis and promotion of digital contents. In March 2016 he resigned his position at Marvelous and planned to create a business to contribute to local developments. In May of the same year he founded Jimoful Inc.

[渉外業務統括] 加藤 博人(かとう ひろと)

[取締役 渉外業務統括] 加藤 博人 (かとう ひろと)

Born in Akita, 1965. Graduated from the Faculty of Law at Meiji University, joined Scope Inc., an advertising agency. He planned many SP strategy in various fields, and he got a high reputation about that. Since 2001 he had participated a project which launch an online supermarket, he raised that to annual sales of 50 billion scale. Since 2010 he took office as executive officer. He had confidence that the regional creation is the next generation advertisement, so he joined the Jimoful Inc.,

[社外取締役] 武市 智行(たけち ともゆき)

[社外取締役] 武市 智行 (たけち ともゆき)

Born in Kochi Prefecture, 1955. After graduating from Keio University School of Commerce, joined Shikoku Bank, Ltd. After that, he served as Representative Director and President at SQUARE CO., LTD. (present: SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD.) and DREAMUSIC Inc. He is currently serving as a board member at several companies. In 2009, he founded Takechi Communications. Besides the field of IT and games, he also contributes to regional revitalization as "Kochi Prefecture Content Industry Promotion Advisor”.

[国際事業統括] 婁 飛(ロウ・フェイ))

[国際事業統括] 婁 飛 (ロウ・フェイ)

Born in Shenyang(China), 1979. Entered the University of Tokyo in 1999 and received a bachelor's degree and a master's degree from the engineering department. Since 2005 he has participated in High-tech and Automobile strategy and operation projects at McKinsey Tokyo office. From 2011 he moved to DeNA China and worked on launching the simplified and traditional versions of Mobage PF. Participated in Metaps from 2013, and was appointed executive officer at the end of 2014. Currently he serves as Chief Operating Officer of JP Mobile.

Corporate Profile

Company name
Jimoful Inc.
Head office address
Gaien Office. , Minamimotomachi24, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 〒160-0012
May 16th 2016
42,887,500 yen
※as of Aug 2017
Boad Member
President Akihiro Saegusa
Board Director Hiroto Kato
Director Tomoyuki Takechi
Our Management Team
Takechi Communications
HUNET Corporation
Hakuhodo Inc.
Scope Inc.
JAPAN Creative Platform Group Co., Ltd.
※random order
Development and operation of public relations for SNS 「
Mizuho Bank, Ltd. - Kabutocho branch
Legal advisor
Yamada Ozaki Law Office Attorney Yasuhiro Imai